Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eli's Album Review

Eli's Album Review
Red Umbrella:Living and Surviving

Today i got a band that is so unique, so diverse, so awesome i can barely hold in my excitement. AHHHHHH!!!! hahaha anyways to be honest i didn't know what to say about this band at first but after listening to the CD a couple times two words come up, unique and catchy. Now to the review.

These pop rockers from Parry Sound, Ontario Canada bring a freshness of sound that breaks multiple barriers of music. You'll get some pop, rock, techno, and even hip hop in this CD. One thing is for sure is that though you may say, what kind of band are they, you'll leave remembering their songs. What is interesting is how the combine their sometimes weird synths and sounds, nothing ever feels out of place. This a sign that this band is having a lot fun making music and when you have fun doing it, you can make some awesome music. With songs like Prison side, Intervention and Boompop they will have you singing their songs all day and not really knowing why. I know why though, cause they are awesome.

Living and Surviving is one of those Cd's that can't be held in a single genre but instead fuses the best of each into a new sound that sticks out in the sea of sound alike bands. Being their second CD, i think this makes them a band that will do great things for the industry and the fact that they are God based makes it only better.

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