Thursday, March 19, 2009

Superchick - One Girl Revolution

Keith called in this morning twice and the first time he requested I play One Girl Revolution by Superchick. This song blew my mind and I had to play again during the eight o'clock hour. It was sorta like the matrix when you finally wake up to reality and your mind has no way at first to process the new information. It probably did not help that I was sleep deprived and totally loopy from the lack of sleep in the first hour. Thanks to this song and my mug-o-coffee I managed to pull out of from crashing right on top of the sound board and on to the floor. Thanks Superchick. Click to hear One Girl Revolution.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

MxPx - Secret Weapon - Mike this song's for you

Today on Broken.FM we had two requests, one from Mike who attends the JC working through his general education who requested a song by MXPX. He said he needed a song to wake up but did not say what so I picked one for him called "Secret Weapon". A great song with a great message and maybe they right song at the right time for Mike.

Friday, March 13, 2009

OK Go - Here It Goes Again

With 55 million hit on YouTube "OK Go - Here It Goes Again" deserves to be watched over and over again. The question is why didn't I think of using treadmills for my last music video? Well they did and got the hits to prove that it pays to be a little wacky every once in a while.

Scottish Bagpipe Revival Friday with Flatfoot 56 and their Amazing Grace Video

Today I don't know what came over me but during yesterdays show I got really excited about flatfoot 56. So today it turned into Scottish Bagpipe Revival Fridays and I played pretty much most of their songs from 7 to 9 this morning. I got some great  feedback last night from Keith and my wife and really helped me find my stride for today's show. I think Fridays is a good time to blow of some steam go hard core and feature individual bands and really get into it on the radio. Flatfoot 56 rocks and the bagpipes are a special touch that takes their music to another level. The music to "Knuckles Up" make you feel like you're a soccer hooligan in a bare knuckle scrap  at a local pub after your team lost the match. Good jobs guys.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Pen Guy Show on Broken.FM

The Pen Guy Show on

Today I went on air for the first time ever from 7-8:30 am on and it was an amazing and exhilarating experience. Keith the station director was with me to help me through some of the technical stuff and we talked a little bit about the how got started. We also had our first caller with a song request and I think we also had 2-3 more calls that I missed while I was on the phone. One of the main concerns for the month of March is raising 18,000 to keep the station going and here is the break down of what we need the money for:

$8,000 to finish up building the main station on 88.7,
$5,000 for tower rent for April and BMI and ASCAP fees due at the end of the month, and
$5,000 to pay back debt owed.

you can donate by Paypal on our site
I believe this will happen with the support of listeners like you.

Again today was a great first day and I look forward to being on air again tommorow