Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eli's Album Review

Eli's Album Review
Red Umbrella:Living and Surviving

Today i got a band that is so unique, so diverse, so awesome i can barely hold in my excitement. AHHHHHH!!!! hahaha anyways to be honest i didn't know what to say about this band at first but after listening to the CD a couple times two words come up, unique and catchy. Now to the review.

These pop rockers from Parry Sound, Ontario Canada bring a freshness of sound that breaks multiple barriers of music. You'll get some pop, rock, techno, and even hip hop in this CD. One thing is for sure is that though you may say, what kind of band are they, you'll leave remembering their songs. What is interesting is how the combine their sometimes weird synths and sounds, nothing ever feels out of place. This a sign that this band is having a lot fun making music and when you have fun doing it, you can make some awesome music. With songs like Prison side, Intervention and Boompop they will have you singing their songs all day and not really knowing why. I know why though, cause they are awesome.

Living and Surviving is one of those Cd's that can't be held in a single genre but instead fuses the best of each into a new sound that sticks out in the sea of sound alike bands. Being their second CD, i think this makes them a band that will do great things for the industry and the fact that they are God based makes it only better.

Eli's Useless facts

Eli's Useless Facts

1. To find out if a watermelon is ripe, knock it, and if it's hollow then its ripe.

2. In most advertisements, the time displayed on a watch or clock is usually 10:10.

3. Pollen never deteriorates. It is one of the few natural substances that lasts indefinitely.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Mornings of Rock w/Brian Playlist

If you are driving to work from 7am-8:30am make sure you check out the Mornings of Rock w/Brian. He will play anything you wanna hear, and will make sure you drive to work is the most fun you can have sitting in traffic. On Broken.Fm

Mornings of Rock With Brian Playlist...

7:00 AM - Run Kid Run - Wake Up Get Up
7:03 AM - Hawk Nelson - You Have What I Need
7:06 AM - Last Tuesday - My Last Regret
7:09 AM - A Kiss For Jersey - II
7:13 AM - Dogwood - Do Or Die
7:17 AM - The Showdown - So Help Me God
7:22 AM - Flee The Seen - Wire Tap Out
7:26 AM - Huntingtons - No Pool Party Tonight
7:30 AM - Search the City - Talk is Cheap and I've Got Expensive Taste
7:34 AM - For Today - Talmidim (The Servants)
7:38 AM - Falling Up - Broken Heart
7:41 AM - Paramore - For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic
7:45 AM - Seventh Day Slumber - Surrender
7:50 AM - Capital Lights - Miracle Man
7:53 AM - The Insyderz - Rat Race
7:58 AM - Anberlin - Soft Skeletons
8:02 AM - Decemberadio - Love Found Me (Love's Got a Hold)
8:06 AM - Under0ath - Too Bright To See Too Loud To Hear
8:10 AM - Thousand Foot Krutch - What Do We Know?
8:14 AM - Flyleaf - Fully Alive
8:16 AM - Family Force 5 - Ghostride the Whip
8:21 AM - Seven Places - Thinking It Over
8:24 AM - Seabird - Let Me Go On
8:28 AM - The Rekoning - I Believe
8:32 AM - Calibretto 13 - High 5

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tonight @ The Phoenix Theater

Is Jesus Night @ The Phoenix... What Jesus Night is at the Phoenix is an opportunity for us to just go down there and hangout with all the kids and build relationships with them and share the love of christ thru just getting to know the kids on a more personal level.

We just go down there and hangout with them and feed them, and just spend time with them.
If you would like to come it starts at 7pm. We meet on every last Thursday of the month. Food will be provided. Tonight we are doing burritos!

more info please contact me...

Broken FM Benefit Show #2

So far I have 2 bands confirmed to play this show. If your band would like to play this show on July 25th please email me...

I currently have 2 spots open. Your band needs be a christian band, and did not play the last benefit show.

Fatt Matt

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eli's Album Review

Eli's Album Review 5/27/09
Sever Your Ties: Safety in the Sea

Hey guys this week i thought i would bring you a CD with more of an edge and grit, and Sever your Ties is the band to bring it. With high energy vocals and guitars, this band takes you on a trip and very rarely slows down.

Hailing from San Diego this group brings a mix of alt. rock and screamo that has been done but executes it with great poise. Signed with Solid State records, you know they bring the heat but whats makes them different is their mix in vocals. You'll sometimes ask yourself, is he screaming or singing? what this does is bring both audiences together and really opens up your idea of Solid State bands. I really got into this CD though was just that the CD never really lets up. the energy is always at 100% and its a good drive. With songs like Drifting, Things Are Better, and Voice like a Nova it became one of my favorite Cd's. The icing on the cake is the cover of Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear The Reaper.

If you like hard rock but not really into the hardcore, this band will satisfy your cravings. if you do like hardcore then "Come On" its Solid State dude. hahaha anyways check out the CD and enjoy.

Eli's Useless facts

Eli's Useless facts

1.The average person is about a quarter of an inch taller at night.

2.In Florida, It is illegal to sing in a public place while attired in a swimsuit.

3.The first toilet being flushed in a motion picture was in the movie Psycho.

Broken Pledge Drive Week June 22-27

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eli's useless facts

Eli's Useless Facts
1.In the U.S., for every dollar you spend on gasoline 27 cents of it is in taxes.
2.In Kentucky, it is illegal to carry ice cream in your back pocket. (why i have no idea haha)
3.In 1990, the world's largest McDonald's opened in Moscow, which could seat 900 people.

Eli's Album Review

Eli's Album Review 5/24/09

Sleep for Sleepers: The Clearing

So today after a long rest of doing reviews i thought I'd review a band that i recently got to meet and get to know. Before I get into the review, i just want to say these are some really cool guys and if you get a chance to talk to them, you'll know what i mean. Now to the review.

So Sleep for Sleepers is a band recently signed with Dreamt Music and come from the city of Whittier. Their sound is very catchy and everything from the drums to the guitars are in sync and thick. What makes a band for me is vocals and these are as good as any. Everything from the tone to the harmonies are spot on and its gonna be interesting how good they will be the longer and more they play. The CD with tracks like Thieves and Bones, The Fearless and Twilight bring the rock you want and the soft parts you crave. They are a good balance and at times remind me of bands like Mae and Mainstay. What really sticks out for me in this CD is the lyrics and meaning behind these songs. You can tell that real life experiences went into the songs and the vocals reflect that. Its always great to connect to songs with your own life and that was the case with me.
Overall i recommend this CD for any fans of the alt rock style and those who like the ambient passes as well. What crazy to see is how young these guys are and that if they stick together what they will be able to accomplish.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eli's Album Review

Eli's Album Review 5/13/09
Secret and Whisper: Great White Whale

So today i wanted to do a band has caught my attention lately. Coming from Canada, this band is looking to be a mainstay in the Tooth and Nail label, and with their familiar yet unique sound they could prove to do it.

Their debut album Great White Whale is one that brings old and new sound to the table. This band combines such band influences such as Anberlin, Taking Back Sunday, and Mae it gives the feel of all the bands you love, but what makes them different? This band brings pure energy and rock while adding ambient, spacious motion. Their breakdowns and rhythm section bring a unity and dependency that is usually seen in harder rock. The vocal work is awesome done by Charles Furney. If you combine Stephen Chistian's (Anberlin) tone, and Aaron Gillespie's (Underoath) riffing and added on top of that a incredible vocal range on top and you have an amazing group on your hands.

So in conclusion, check out this band. If your not into hardcore bands but love their breakdowns and energy, this is your band. So go buy this album and be amazed.

Eli's Useless facts

Eli 's Useless Facts 5/13/09
  1. The flea can jump 350 times its body length, that is like a human jumping the length of a football field.
  2. A pound of potato chips costs 200 times more than a pound of potatoes.
  3. Contrary to popular belief, hair does not grow back darker and thicker after it has been shaved.

NorCal Spirit - Battle of the Bands Interview with Michael Ent

I had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Ent, director of the Battle of the Bands for NorCal Spirit here at broken yesterday May 11, 2009. Michael is the pastor of Hope Christian Fellowship in Novato and is in charge of gathering 24 bands to battle it out for a chance to go on to play at NorCal Spirit August 15, 2009 in Novato California. The winner will get a cash proze, recording time and be the opening band for Sanctus Real . So far there are 4 bands signed up but more are needed, if you are interested at a chance to go big time email Michael and send him a demo or a youtube video of your band. Even though this is Christian concert you dont have to be a "christian" band but your stuff has to be clean since it will a family event.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Eli's Album Review - Far-less: A Toast to Bad Taste

Eli's Album Review 5/10/09
A Toast to Bad Taste

Hey Guys its Eli again and it's time for another album review. This Week i got a special treat for you with one of the bands that surprised me. I bought this CD on iTunes a couple months back only knowing that they were with Tooth and Nail records and that it was an 16 track CD for abut 8 bucks. i said yes, good deal and let me tell you......Great Deal!!!!

These guys (and girl) are from Virginia and are currently signed with Tooth and Nail records and to me one of the most unique bands they have. Their sound is part modern rock, part 9o's alternative (smashing pumkins, Soundgarden), all awesome. With interludes with classical influences and guitars with alt influences and vocals with alt with pop influences. his band sticks out in the indie genre. With so many types of music your surrounded by wall of music but the utter catchiness of their sound gets them stuck in head for days.

With songs like A thin line, Devil without a clue, and So Glad this cd just gives and gives for days. I strongly recommend this cd if your looking for something new and fresh and if its still at the $8 price, pick it quick cause I'm excited for whats next for this amazing band.

Eli's Useless facts

Eli's Useless Facts 5/10/09

First of all Happy Mothers Day. =]

  1. Its Costs about 3 cents to make a $1 bill in the United States
  2. Your Heart Rate can rise as much as 30% during a yawn
  3. Due to gravitational effects, you weigh slightly less when the moon is overhead

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Eli's Album Review - The Myraid : With Arrows, With Poise

Eli's Album Review 5/6/09
The Myraid : With Arrows, With Poise

Well guys its time for my review again and this time I'm bring you my review from The Myraid's With Arrows, With Poise.

Let me start by saying if you haven't heard of these, go put now and check them out. Especially if your a fan of bands like After Edmund, Mew, and RadioHead. They are an alt rock band from Seattle, Washington and their music spans from electronica to ambient soundscapes to pop melodies. What i love about this band is the uniqueness in sound and the utter amazzzzing clarity and solid vocal work done by lead singer Jemery Edwardson. Though there are seemily heavy layers of sounds, his voice is still clear and vibrant as a bell. The musicianship and time spent is definitely shown in there simple yet complex progressions and it pleases both study heavy musicians and basic listeners. The Cd is well done and the theme of the cd to me came down to priorities and viewing the time spent. With songs like You Waste Time Like a Grandfather Clock and Forget What You Came For, the theme of what have you done for God and how are you spending time are reflected in the cd. The Cd is also fun with a cover of the song Call Me made famous by Billy Idol and songs titled Polar Bears and Shark Fins and Throwing Punches.

Make sure you pick up this Cd!!!!

Thank you for reading and be ready Sunday for my next review.

Eli's Useless facts

Eli's Useless facts 5/6/09
  1. In 1989, twenty-three people were hired in Jacksonville, Florida just to flush toilets so the pipes wont freeze
  2. 7-Eleven is the largest retail chain in the world
  3. Unless you have a doctor's note, it's illegal to buy ice cream after 6pm in Newark, New Jersey

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A couple of days ago Benny posted our top songs. If you would like to see us add to that list we want to hear from you. You can comment his post, email us or jump on our Facebook group and let us know. I will be in the studio tonight for the Power hour with Fatt Matt so be sure to listen and be watching for the many changes that are coming to this blog and the website. We have all sorts of new and exciting features coming. 

Crooked X

Hey guys Tim from Broken FM here. I ran across this band in a magazine the other day and had to see them for myself. Crooked X has come out with their debut CD this past January and they are all under the age of 16. Now I sometimes fell old around here but these guys are almost half my age. :) As young as they are they have a sound that is best described as old school. It just a fun sound that you can just put on and rock out to. The video below is a great example of that rocking sound. It is a song called Nightmare. As I understand it they wrote this song when they were just 11 years old. You can also check out this band on the game Rock Band. Check it out and comment.

Broken FM Top Songs

Hey everybody! here is Broken FM Top Songs! if you have any comments or suggestions please let us know, you can call the station at 707-526-2765 or write us at facebook or myspace!

Broken Fm Tops Songs
A Rotterdam November - Enough (The End)
Kj-52 - Wake Up (ft. Toby Morell of Emery)
Anberlin - Feel Good Drag
Relient K - Must have done something right
Falling Up - Escalates (Aceramic)
Pillar - Hypnotized
Hawk Nelson - Let's Dance
Emery - Walls
Project 86 - Spy Hunter
Emery - Studying Politics
12 Stones - Crash
Pax217 - Melody
Since October - Guilty
Switchfoot - meant to live
Everyday Sunday - Wait
Kutless - Million Dollar Man
Skillet Comatose
The Almost - Say this Sooner
Thousand Foot Krutch - Falls Apart
Nevertheless - The Real
UnderOath - Too Bright to See, Too Loud to Hear
P.O.D. - Shine with Me
Family Force 5 - Dance or Die
The Fray - Over My Head
Flyleaf - Over my head
Children 18:3 - LCM
Children 18:3 - Homemade Valentine
Paramore - Emergency
Family Force 5 - Get your back off the wall
Brian ''Head'' Welch - Adonai
Flatfoot 56 - Knuckles up
Red - Death of Me
Red - Never be the Same
Five Iron Frenzy - World Without an End
The Ascendicate - We Didn't Click
Facing Binary - Cycle Down
Facing Binary - Synchronize
Pevensy - Every Choice Takes Time
Uncut Faith - Never Say Always
Surrendered - Deseo
Norma Jean - Songs Sound Much Sadder
Seven Places - Thinking it Over
FM Static - Take Me as I Am
Kutless - Shut Me Out
Superchick - Cross the Line
Seventh Day Slumber - Awake
Skillet - Whispers in the Dark (Acoustic)
Fireflight - Unbreakable
The Classic Crime - The Fight
Jonah 33 - Scream
T-Bone - Let that Thang Go
Demon Hunter - Carry me down
P.O.D. - Alive
Haste the Day - Autumn
Take it Back - Lights in this Town
Hands - Hope
Blindside - Coming back to life
Neon Horse - Cuckoo!
Sleep for Sleepers - The Fearless
Dogwood - Do Or Die
My Epic - Lest we Die
Shop 11 Pheonix - Broken and Bruise
Pevensy - Ending on a Good Note
We Shot the Moon - Sway Your head
Pevensy - For My Sake
Uncut Faith - When Darkness
Dogwood - Comes Crashing
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down
Blindside - Pitiful
Emery - Cutthroat Collapse
Family Force 5 - The First Time remix feat Matt Thiessen

Monday, May 4, 2009

Broken.FM Benefit Concert Flyer

Hi all here is the Broken.FM benefit flyer May 15th, see you all there.

Friday, May 1, 2009


So Surrendered will be playing at the Broken FM benefit show May 15th @ the phoenix @ 8pm only $8 to get in! along with
Burn The Ruin, Facing Binary, Firechild, Steady Marstine and Destroy the Evil....

Not many people know who the band Surrendered is but here is a video to give you just a LITTLE taste of what we do live!!! enjoy and let us know what u think and well see everbody May 15th be there or be triangle!.....

The Fuego Mix

Hey wassup fam bam!

it's Benny Fuego just letting ya'll know about my show which airs on Broken fm

Wednesdays 6-8p & Sundays 2-4p

The Fuego Mix features 2 brand New Segments called:

Useless Facts w/ Eli & The Album Review!! please give us feedback if enjoy these segments if you have any artists or albums you would like us to review leave us a comment here or on the broken FM facebook!!! and don't forget the Broken FM benefit show which is May 15th @ the phoenix Eli and Myself are with the band Surrendered so check us out!

Continue to support Broken Fm we need prayers & donations! just get the word out about Broken Fm! take care everybody!

Blessings to all,

Benny Fuego

Spring Clean 09 this Saturday May 2nd

Don't Forget this Saturday is Spring Clean at Finley Park. From 8:00 to 12pm From 12 to 3 there will be the FREE BBQ, live band, Masters Commission and of course Broken.FM will be there and you will be able to meet some of the DJ's who will be handing out stickers and flyers for our upcoming Benefit Show