Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Eli's Album Review - The Myraid : With Arrows, With Poise

Eli's Album Review 5/6/09
The Myraid : With Arrows, With Poise

Well guys its time for my review again and this time I'm bring you my review from The Myraid's With Arrows, With Poise.

Let me start by saying if you haven't heard of these, go put now and check them out. Especially if your a fan of bands like After Edmund, Mew, and RadioHead. They are an alt rock band from Seattle, Washington and their music spans from electronica to ambient soundscapes to pop melodies. What i love about this band is the uniqueness in sound and the utter amazzzzing clarity and solid vocal work done by lead singer Jemery Edwardson. Though there are seemily heavy layers of sounds, his voice is still clear and vibrant as a bell. The musicianship and time spent is definitely shown in there simple yet complex progressions and it pleases both study heavy musicians and basic listeners. The Cd is well done and the theme of the cd to me came down to priorities and viewing the time spent. With songs like You Waste Time Like a Grandfather Clock and Forget What You Came For, the theme of what have you done for God and how are you spending time are reflected in the cd. The Cd is also fun with a cover of the song Call Me made famous by Billy Idol and songs titled Polar Bears and Shark Fins and Throwing Punches.

Make sure you pick up this Cd!!!!

Thank you for reading and be ready Sunday for my next review.

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