Monday, June 29, 2009

Josh's Useless facts


1. At Disneyland they have hundreds of wild domesticated cats running around the park. They never come out during the day because there's too many people, but the reason they're there is to catch the mice.

Donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes.

3. Assuming Rudolph is in front, the number of possible way to arrange Santa's other eight reindeer is 40,320.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Smog Frog - Our newest underwriter!!!

We just got a call from Ilone from Smog Frog in Santa Rosa who just called in and underwrote Brokem FM on Sandy's electronica show. She also got our last large Broken FM T-Shirt, thank Ilone!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Broken FM Bumper Stickers Are In

Pink Broken FM Bumper Sticker
Pink Broken FM Bumper Sticker
Green Broken FM Bumper Sticker

Green Broken FM Bumper Sticker

The Broken FM bumper stickers are finally in and they are available to all, the best way to get them is to come by our next benefit show July 25th at the Phoenix Theater or you can email us Once you put in on your car, send us a picture so we can post it on the blog to show the world that you support this great station. Printed by the good folks at Greater Works Printing in Rohnert Park Ca.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Eli's Useless Facts

Eli's Useless Facts

1. In the 1930's, Pepsi-Cola had an advertising campaign starring two cartoon cops called "Pepsi & Pete".

2. Giraffes have no vocal chords.

3. The most popular jelly belly jelly bean flavor is buttered popcorn.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Broken FM Benefit Show #2

So here is the second benefit show Line Up....
All of these bands are played on our station. We would really would like your support, last benefit show we did had 300 people. This show we want to do more. I hope you can take a chance to call and request to listen to each one of the bands... The DJ's will be happy to play a song by each band. Thank you for your support.

Broken.FM Benefit Show # 2
Sat July 25th
Uncut Faith
Your Pain My Victory
Second To Last
A Storybook Romance
Dilemachine/Covenant (Reunion) (lobby)
8pm $8
The Phoenix Theater
201 Washington St
Petaluma, Ca 94952

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eli's Album Review

Eli's Album Review
Decyfer Down: Crash

So today i will probably introduce a lot of you to band that many of you don't know. This is a band that has toured with Disciple, Skillet and many others. There is a good reason for that as well..... cause they awesome.

From the small city of Morehead City, North Carolina they go my attention from their first CD End of Gray. It was an gamble buy since I had never heard of them, but it payed off. What makes this band so awesome is 2 simple things. One, they are a no fancy or frill band that just lets their lyrics and instrumentation do all the work for them. They play simple rock with a deep sense of grounding and power. Second and most importantly for me, vocals. For me, Singer Caleb Oliver made End of Gray a must buy. From the power in his voice to his tone was like butter. Going into Crash, Caleb left the band for personal reasons and new singer T.J. Harris was brought in. If you don't know T.J, he was formerly in the band Fighting Instinct. I was worried hearing that because Fighting Instinct was more a southern rock band than a hard rock one. Then I heard the single Crash and all my worries were gone. Ladies and gentlemen, this singer for me is one of the best I've heard. He adds soul and depth with the power that seems effortless.

In conclusion, I love this band. If you give them a chance, you will love them too. Buy this album and pick up the End Of Gray album as well and heck the Fighting Instinct album as well. ha ha

Eli's Useless facts

Eli's Useless facts

1. Penguins can convert salt water into fresh water.

2. 40% of almonds in the world are used by manufacturers of chocolate.

3. The U.S. Government will not allow portraits of living persons to appear on stamps.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We really need your help with this pledge drive. Please tell everyone you know about this event. We will be having local bands, pastors, and people from the community coming to share their support for Broken.Fm. All you have to do is pledge at least $5 a month to keep us on the air. This will go keep our listeners like you happy by being able to hear your favorite christian artists. This is your chance to really give back to your community and also give you the chance to keep the message of Christ through this station.

So listen to Broken.Fm Starting June 22nd- June 27th all day long to be able to help us stay on the air. We cannot do it without your prayers and support. Please pray for Broken and if you feel led to commit to help us please call us at 707-526-2765 or email us at

Thank you for your support.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eli's Album Review

Eli's Album Review
House of Heroes: The End Is Not The End

Today we got a band that brings the past and the present together in a mega mix. Grabbing influences from what some call, "The Greatest band ever" and apply their modern edge to make House of Heroes.

From Columbus, Ohio these rockers have brought the influence of the Beatles to modern rock. Signed with Goatee Records, they have a lot of amazing label mates to keep up with. With former artist like Relient K and Family Force 5 and current artist like B. Rieth and Ayiesha Woods, there is a lot of pressure to keep up. Luckily, House of Heroes have their own unique sound that separate them from an already diverse line up. With this CD you can tell the band are huge Beatle fans and what makes them so fresh. You get a since of vintage sound wrapped in an alt rock package. The vocals and guitars bring a edgy sound, while the lyrics bring a storytelling and depth not seen a whole lot lately. With songs like Baby's a Red, In The Valley Of The Dying Sun, and Ghost bring a deep story and imagery of each situation. I think that's really cool.

So if your looking for a new band to put in your already full iPod's, then check out House of Heroes. They bring vintage classics and modern gems together. Also be on the lookout for their Cover CD of the Beatles coming out this year.

Eli's Useless facts

Eli's Useless Facts

1. There are over three trillion craters on the moon, with some having a diameter over three feet.

2. One pound of maple syrup can make eight pounds of candy or sugar.

3. If your over 100 years old, there's an 80% chance you're a women.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Broken.FM featured on Indie Vision

Broken fm was recently featured on indie vision music and that is awesome because they get a ton of hits every day. Thanks Brandon!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Eli's Album Review

Eli's Album Review
Jonezetta: Popularity

I'm excited and stoked to present to you, Jonezetta. Take it in, and enjoy. haha well today's album review is one of my new favorite bands and I got to tell you i really loved this CD. The vocals, the instrumentation, the feel makes me want to dance.

All the way from Clinton, Mississippi Jonezetta has made a name for themselves by fusing together dance and alt.rock. While it has been done before and it is nothing new, what Jonezetta brings is super-duper catchy songs that makes you want to dance. Most all the choruses in the songs, you can learn by the 2nd time around. What this does is get you involved in the songs and leave with a grin while singing their great hooks. With songs like Popularity, Backstabber, and Get Ready this CD doesn't ever give in and makes it perfect party CD. Vocalist Robert Chisolm, does a great job in making his vocals both difficult and accessible and his tone is spot on with the style.

Jonezetta is a band that in my oppion should be more popular than they are now(no pun intended). Whats more is the message of the CD to stop selfishness and the mindset of wanting to be popular. If you love dance music or not, you need to check out this band.

Eli's useless facts

Eli's Useless Facts

1. No matter how cold it gets, gasoline will not freeze.

2. The name Jeep came from the abbreviation used in the army for the "General Purpose" vehicle, G.P.

3. There is no word that rhymes with purple.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Par Avion Tour

June 24th @7pm Evangelical Christian Center is hosting The Par Avion Tour for only $8 the tour is featuring:

Two Days Til' Tomorrow
This Great Escape
Sleep For Sleepers
High Flight Society

the address is..

1589 Hampton Way Santa Rosa, Ca 95407

Keep a look out for the fliers and stay tuned to Broken Fm for more details and for more info call us at 707-526-2765 or email

Please call and request
High Flight Society: "Time Is Running Out", "Wake Up", "Sweet Redeemer"
Sleep For Sleepers: "Thieves & Bones", "Keep Your Voices"
FACINGBINARY: "Cycle Down", "Reach You"
and well have songs up soon from This Great Escape and Two Days Til' Tomorrow

Stay Tuned on Broken Fm

Mornings of Rock w/Brian 6/1

If you are driving to work from 7am-8:30am make sure you check out the Mornings of Rock w/Brian. He will play anything you wanna hear, and will make sure you drive to work is the most fun you can have sitting in traffic. On Broken.FmMornings of Rock With Brian Playlist...

7:02 AM - The Insyderz - Rat Race
7:06 AM - All Star United - You You You (Yeah Yeah Yeah)
7:09 AM - Red - Breathe Into Me
7:13 AM - The O.C. Supertones - Superfly
7:17 AM - 12 Stones - Crash
7:20 AM - Road Narrows - Home For The Meek
7:23 AM - Element 101 - Some Chances Are Worth Taking
7:26 AM - Last Tuesday - The Stand
7:29 AM - Search the City - The Rescue
7:32 AM - Squad Five-0 - Make You Dance
7:35 AM - A Kiss For Jersey - Oh Infamous City
7:38 AM - Burden Of A Day - Oh The Humanity
7:42 AM - Nodes of Ranvier - Oh Yeah Well My Daddy Died w-A Needle in His Arm
7:43 AM - Switchfoot - Oh! Gravity.
7:45 AM - Five Iron Frenzy - Oh Canada
7:49 AM - Sleeping Giant - Oh Praise Him
7:54 AM - Pevensy - Ending On A Good Note
7:59 AM - Since October - Live to Die
8:02 AM - Disciple - Someone
8:06 AM - The Showdown - I Victim (Here's To The Wind Year)
8:09 AM - A Rotterdam November - Enough (The End)
8:12 AM - Hawk Nelson - You Have What I Need
8:15 AM - Children 18:3 - Homemade Valentine
8:18 AM - Dogwood - Comes Crashing
8:22 AM - Ace Troubleshooter - Tonight
8:26 AM - Kings to You - This is the End
8:31 AM - Everyday Sunday - Wait
8:35 AM - Underoath - Too Bright To See Too Loud To Hear