Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eli's Album Review

Eli's Album Review 5/24/09

Sleep for Sleepers: The Clearing

So today after a long rest of doing reviews i thought I'd review a band that i recently got to meet and get to know. Before I get into the review, i just want to say these are some really cool guys and if you get a chance to talk to them, you'll know what i mean. Now to the review.

So Sleep for Sleepers is a band recently signed with Dreamt Music and come from the city of Whittier. Their sound is very catchy and everything from the drums to the guitars are in sync and thick. What makes a band for me is vocals and these are as good as any. Everything from the tone to the harmonies are spot on and its gonna be interesting how good they will be the longer and more they play. The CD with tracks like Thieves and Bones, The Fearless and Twilight bring the rock you want and the soft parts you crave. They are a good balance and at times remind me of bands like Mae and Mainstay. What really sticks out for me in this CD is the lyrics and meaning behind these songs. You can tell that real life experiences went into the songs and the vocals reflect that. Its always great to connect to songs with your own life and that was the case with me.
Overall i recommend this CD for any fans of the alt rock style and those who like the ambient passes as well. What crazy to see is how young these guys are and that if they stick together what they will be able to accomplish.

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