Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eli's Album Review

Eli's Album Review 5/13/09
Secret and Whisper: Great White Whale

So today i wanted to do a band has caught my attention lately. Coming from Canada, this band is looking to be a mainstay in the Tooth and Nail label, and with their familiar yet unique sound they could prove to do it.

Their debut album Great White Whale is one that brings old and new sound to the table. This band combines such band influences such as Anberlin, Taking Back Sunday, and Mae it gives the feel of all the bands you love, but what makes them different? This band brings pure energy and rock while adding ambient, spacious motion. Their breakdowns and rhythm section bring a unity and dependency that is usually seen in harder rock. The vocal work is awesome done by Charles Furney. If you combine Stephen Chistian's (Anberlin) tone, and Aaron Gillespie's (Underoath) riffing and added on top of that a incredible vocal range on top and you have an amazing group on your hands.

So in conclusion, check out this band. If your not into hardcore bands but love their breakdowns and energy, this is your band. So go buy this album and be amazed.

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  1. Hey when are you going to review Edison Glass "Time is Fiction", mr. eli?????????