Sunday, May 10, 2009

Eli's Album Review - Far-less: A Toast to Bad Taste

Eli's Album Review 5/10/09
A Toast to Bad Taste

Hey Guys its Eli again and it's time for another album review. This Week i got a special treat for you with one of the bands that surprised me. I bought this CD on iTunes a couple months back only knowing that they were with Tooth and Nail records and that it was an 16 track CD for abut 8 bucks. i said yes, good deal and let me tell you......Great Deal!!!!

These guys (and girl) are from Virginia and are currently signed with Tooth and Nail records and to me one of the most unique bands they have. Their sound is part modern rock, part 9o's alternative (smashing pumkins, Soundgarden), all awesome. With interludes with classical influences and guitars with alt influences and vocals with alt with pop influences. his band sticks out in the indie genre. With so many types of music your surrounded by wall of music but the utter catchiness of their sound gets them stuck in head for days.

With songs like A thin line, Devil without a clue, and So Glad this cd just gives and gives for days. I strongly recommend this cd if your looking for something new and fresh and if its still at the $8 price, pick it quick cause I'm excited for whats next for this amazing band.

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