Friday, March 13, 2009

Scottish Bagpipe Revival Friday with Flatfoot 56 and their Amazing Grace Video

Today I don't know what came over me but during yesterdays show I got really excited about flatfoot 56. So today it turned into Scottish Bagpipe Revival Fridays and I played pretty much most of their songs from 7 to 9 this morning. I got some great  feedback last night from Keith and my wife and really helped me find my stride for today's show. I think Fridays is a good time to blow of some steam go hard core and feature individual bands and really get into it on the radio. Flatfoot 56 rocks and the bagpipes are a special touch that takes their music to another level. The music to "Knuckles Up" make you feel like you're a soccer hooligan in a bare knuckle scrap  at a local pub after your team lost the match. Good jobs guys.

1 comment:

  1. Flatfoot 56 Rock!! They play the pipes the way the pipes were meant to be an instrument of war. In their case, it is a war for lost souls and they fight the good fight! Well done, boys!