Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Pen Guy Show on Broken.FM

The Pen Guy Show on

Today I went on air for the first time ever from 7-8:30 am on and it was an amazing and exhilarating experience. Keith the station director was with me to help me through some of the technical stuff and we talked a little bit about the how got started. We also had our first caller with a song request and I think we also had 2-3 more calls that I missed while I was on the phone. One of the main concerns for the month of March is raising 18,000 to keep the station going and here is the break down of what we need the money for:

$8,000 to finish up building the main station on 88.7,
$5,000 for tower rent for April and BMI and ASCAP fees due at the end of the month, and
$5,000 to pay back debt owed.

you can donate by Paypal on our site
I believe this will happen with the support of listeners like you.

Again today was a great first day and I look forward to being on air again tommorow

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