Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Eli's Album Review

Eli's Album Review
Jonezetta: Popularity

I'm excited and stoked to present to you, Jonezetta. Take it in, and enjoy. haha well today's album review is one of my new favorite bands and I got to tell you i really loved this CD. The vocals, the instrumentation, the feel makes me want to dance.

All the way from Clinton, Mississippi Jonezetta has made a name for themselves by fusing together dance and alt.rock. While it has been done before and it is nothing new, what Jonezetta brings is super-duper catchy songs that makes you want to dance. Most all the choruses in the songs, you can learn by the 2nd time around. What this does is get you involved in the songs and leave with a grin while singing their great hooks. With songs like Popularity, Backstabber, and Get Ready this CD doesn't ever give in and makes it perfect party CD. Vocalist Robert Chisolm, does a great job in making his vocals both difficult and accessible and his tone is spot on with the style.

Jonezetta is a band that in my oppion should be more popular than they are now(no pun intended). Whats more is the message of the CD to stop selfishness and the mindset of wanting to be popular. If you love dance music or not, you need to check out this band.

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