Thursday, April 30, 2009

As I Lay Dying releases a brand new DVD package

A few years ago I saw As I Lay Dying play at a small club called Slim's in San Francisco. It is in a place like that where this band shines. They bring a brutal set that is punctuated by lead singer Tim Lambesis' stage presence that at 6'3" 201 pounds can best be described as imposing. Tim Lambesis is also known for another trademark that is also a major part of their live show. That would of course be his long black hair. It turns out that back in the early days he was shaved and didn't even see himself as a lead singer. In their new DVD "This is Who We Are", released on April 14th, the band gives an inside look at their formation and some insights on the faith and personalities of the members. This set is a 3 disk set that includes the behind the scenes documentary, a live performance with the current lineup and disk of music videos and many other bonus features. The DVD is currently #2 on the Billboard music video charts and may soon be occupying #1.

The new video for the song "I Never Wanted" off the album "An Ocean Between Us" will be debuting on April 30th and will be premiering on the show May 9th. More info on the premiere and some upcoming dates for the band can be found here. Below is a sneak preview of behind the scenes look at As I Lay Dying.

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